I'm kind of confused...WBB II says it's created to target the fast twitch fibers for hypertrophy which means getting big or building mass right? Then why are the reps in the higher range? 9-11? Is this higher reps with heavier weights? No 75% rep maximum or whatever it is?

Am i making any sense at all? I have used WBB I and eaten as much as I can in the last 6+ months and have gone from around 155lbs to currently 191lbs, i'm 6ft. I've always been super skinny and gaining weight/muscle/fat is really nice!

But i'm wondering about the higher reps with WBB II. I want to keep getting bigger, should I stick to the 6-8 rep range? Or am i overthinking everything and just do what WBB II says? lol

sorry for the rambling post