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Thread: So who else feels like a Stuffed pig now???

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    So who else feels like a Stuffed pig now???

    Chris told me to enjoy the holiday and eat to relax and eat, well Whoosh I sure did

    We always have a Mexican Christmas where we have Tacos, Burrittos, Taquitos, Refried Beans and Rice, Well you get the picture. I freaking chowed and now I dont even wanna look at food for a few days!!!

    How's everyone else feel and did you all get what you wanted for Christmas?

    I asked for a Hot 6 foot Blonde with Big Boobs Well instead I got a new wedding ring and a stainless steel microwave. Guess she is telling me I'm taken and I need to be cooking for her Hahaha my Baby loves me!!!!

    Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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