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Thread: Video from my last meet

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    Video from my last meet

    These were my best lifts from my last meet. I decided to just go single ply for this meet and ended up just using random old gear that I had laying around. They were all big single-ply PR's and it was the first time I pulled conventional in a meet for like 4 years.
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    Best Meet Lifts(Raw w/wraps):
    @165- 435 SQ 270 BE 560 DL.....1255 total
    @181- 535 SQ 300 BE 570 DL.....1400 total
    Best Meet Lifts(Multi-ply):
    @148- 575 SQ 315 BE 515 DL.....1400 total
    @165- 680 SQ 380 BE 540 DL.....1555 total
    @181- 700 SQ 375 BE 535 DL.....1605 total
    Best Gym Lifts(Raw w/wraps)
    545 SQ 305 BE 585 DL

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    Awsome video Chris. You definately had more in you for the squat and deadlift!
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    Good lifts Chris!

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    Very nice lifting Chris!!
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    Bench Only -- 376lbs -- 171kg -- Jan. 26, '08 (Provincial Record @ 100kg class)

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    I don't think i ever want to Tone that close behind me, LOL...Nice work...
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    that was a badass video chris. nice lifts.
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    Good stuff!

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    Nice job man!

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    Awesome deadlift form

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    great lifts and I agree with Rusty, looks like you could have gone more on squat and DL. huge numbers for your bw as well.
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    Awesome job Chris!
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