I've been training seriously now for 2 years. In the last 2-3 months, however, I have really let the ball drop. Training consistency and diet has been rubbish. Consequently, I've lost some muscle and I'm about as strong as a 12yr old paraplegic.

It's time to stop being a chode and start tearing **** apart, again.

BW: 185lbs @ 10-12%
Best Squat: 395lb
Best Bench: 265lb
Best Dead: 500lb

2008 Goals
BW: 210lbs
Squat: 440lb x 1
Bench: 300lb x 1
Dead: 550lb x 1

I know I can smash those goals if I manage to get my bodyweight up, which is a total bitch. 5000 cals a day, it is.

I'm off to train now.