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Thread: Looking to buy monolift in the Northeast

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    Looking to buy monolift in the Northeast

    My team(East End Barbell) is going to be moving into our own facility very soon. We own one monolift, but we are looking to purchase a second one. If anyone knows anyone selling one anywhere within reasonable distance from NY, we will be willing to travel to come and pick it up.
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    here's another option chris...guy lives in my town, but i think he'll have it delivered, but if you want to make the trek you can stay @ my place
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    Ron Deamicis of the WNPF has a brother that makes them. I believe he sold his last one for under $2000. He's near Youngstown, Ohio, maybe you should get ahold of him.

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    On the subject of monolifts, anyone ever use a monolift attachment for your power rack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Moore View Post
    On the subject of monolifts, anyone ever use a monolift attachment for your power rack?

    Brian Schwabb out of Orlando uses an attachment. It's more of a half rack, half monolift. I'd really like to talk with a metal worker I know, and see if I can't get something like that done.

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    My training partner is a master welder. We're just waiting on him to have access to a torch and a tank. He's already got a list coming from me

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    Best monolifts in the world are made by Russ Barlow and his crew. I am unsure if he is still making them but they are made in Maine. Hands down number one.....ask around about them.

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