Well, we moved the box down this week for squats. Couple of things that all of you that use gear probably know. But for me I have been raw up until a few weeks ago, so I guess this is to help those like me:

1. You can't just setup and go on a lower box while in gear. The groove is very important and movement forward or back in that groove may cause a missed lift.

2. Gear that fits well is a must. Take the time to talk with your supplier of choice and get thier input as to what size you need.

3. Have great training partners when learning a new piece of gear. This should go without saying, but they may save your life if in a bad situation.

As my videos showed, I hit 695 and 735 to a higher box (about 1-1.5" high), but after moving down to about 1" below I missed 700 based on number 1 and 2 above. It will go soon, but I wanted to try and help out the others out there thinking of making the switch. Train hard!