After my first week I'll post up my journal. Just got done with soccer season. Lost a lot of weight on my body and in the weight room lol
We'll see how things go...

Right now I have done the upper body portion of my lifting:

Bench Press-115x12 (warm up), 135x8, 150x6, 155x6, 155x6
dumbell rows-3x12@40
incline DB press-3x10@50
Lat Pulldowns-3x10@90
Headbangers/skull crushers-3x10@50 (i hate elbows kill)
Pull ups-2xfailure-managed 5 and 4 at the end of my workout. pretty good
dumbell hammer curls-3x10@25, 25, 30
incline bench-just added to schedule, n/a
weighted situps-just added to schedule, n/a
decline situps-5x12@35lbs
pushups-4x15@BW (how could i add weight to my pushups? put a plate on my back? is that ok?)

let me know what you think