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Thread: What PL group has the most meets in the northeast?

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    What PL group has the most meets in the northeast?

    I was just wondering which powerlifting group/federation (example: APA, WAPL, etc) has meets in the northeast? I would like to compete sometime before the summer while I am still in the Boston, MA area. Thanks.

    225lb @ 17% bodyfat, currently cutting
    Current lifts while cutting (all raw): bench 275x4, squat 365x8
    Estimated current maxes: 300 bench / 450 dead / 450 squat
    Competition / Gym PRs (from March 08)
    Bench: 325 raw / 385 loose shirt
    Deadlift: 450 raw ADFPF 04/26/08
    Squat: 405 raw

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    Go to and click on Powerlifting Meets - almost all of the meet directors post their meets there. It lists the name of the meet, the date, the location, the federation, and what kind of meet ( example - full power, bench only - etc.) and most of the time you can download an entry form.

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    apa, apf, and i think aau has alot in mass

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