Hello, Im new to this particular forum.

Im about to start working 2 fulltime jobs..16 hour work days. So for now Im thinking I will only be able to do one full body routine per week on saturdays while trying to sneak in some short intense cardio when possible during the week. Im looking to bulk.
My equipment at hand is:

Adjustable dumbells
Tricep bar
EZ Curl bar
Olympic bar
Smith Machine with upper and lower pulley. Bar and strap available for use with pulleys
Power Tower ( dip station, pull-up bar, captains chair/leg lift )
Exercise bike
Anyone out there bored enough to help me set up a ONE day full body routine that will basically hit everything with the equipment available to me? Right now I basically ( and I know this isnt 'right' or ideal ) just work a muscle through various exercises till it is too tired to do any more. So I really never have had a set routine that I stick with. Please help me out