Just mentioned this in my journal, but I guess I'll do it again so as to look like a dick to a larger number of people.

Today while doing barbell lunges, I somehow managed to press myself back up either too hard or to fast or without getting my back foot set right or something else or a combination of a few things and... long story short... fell backwards on my ass like an idiot.

I'm alright, nothing hurts other than my ego. The thing is though, this is going to **** with me mentally the next time(s) I do lunges. I can tell already it's all I'm going to be thinking about during every single rep. This of course sucks. Then I had an idea and wanted to know if anyone has ever tried it and was able to do it.

Right now I do lunges in something that looks like this:

Because there is no back, I was able to fall over backwards.

My gym also has a rack like this:

This has a back and seems a bit safer. The only problem is I never used this for lunges because I never thought you could actually do lunges in this due to a lack of space between the back and front.

So, I was wondering if anyone has ever done lunges (or even barbell split squats?) in a rack like this? If so, was it doable?