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Thread: A few starting Q's

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    A few starting Q's

    Hello Boardmembers,

    I want to improve my general condition of fitness and I am interested in toning my arms a bit. Being on a limited budget, I prefer to work out at home, what items should I buy? I was thinking of dumbbells.
    Can anybody give me an advice on how much training or working out I should do generally speaking to yield some results? (I do not intend to train for being like a huge bodybuilder, but just get rid of a little fat and tone up my arms) I am 6 ft 2 and weighing 180 lbs and my level of fitness is apart from fairly good muscle strength almost none. I was also thinking of pushups and situps, how many you recommend for achieving my goal?.

    A friend told me that you should not exercise every day, because it will make your muscles actually smaller. is this true?

    Thank you in advance for any replies


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    Just use the search thing and search for a training program. One thing though, don't do a 1000 crunches everyday ; )

    Btw, great name, loved the movie.
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    Thanks for the reply ! I will search for a training program.

    American Psycho is indeed a fine movie, the book is somewhat better though.

    Thanks again!



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