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Thread: My routine, hasn`t been looked into for a while.

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    My routine, hasn`t been looked into for a while.

    im currently just starting to cut.
    this is the routine ive been following:

    day 1
    db bench press 3x8
    dips 3x8
    skulls 2x8
    dumbbell Curls 2x8
    hammer Curls 2x8

    day 2
    squat 3x8
    Leg extensions 2x8
    Leg curls 2x8
    Calf raises 4x15

    day 3
    Deadlifts 3x8
    pull ups 2x8
    db shrugs 3x10
    shoulder press 3x8
    side raises 2x8

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    Righto, how many days in between? (how does it fit into the week)
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