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Thread: Drop Drop stiff legged deads to make room for squats?

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    Drop Drop stiff legged deads to make room for squats?

    Hi all,

    Basically, my leg has finally healed to the point where I can start doing squats again (knee bent backwards in a knee-on-knee in ice penalty btw).

    So right now, my leg day has become jumbled up with other exercises, and I don't know if I should drop stiff legged deads to make room for squats, or just do all of the exercises and have my Mondays be extremely long and tiring. Here's how Mondays are now:

    Stiff-legged Deadlifts
    Shrugs (3 sets of 5 reps, just to supplement the SLDLs, but they're very heavy sets so very tiring)
    Pull ups (my back/chest day got too long, so I moved them to leg day )

    So right now, I don't know if I should drop the SLDLs to make room for squats. I do heavy deadlifts on Fridays, so it's not like my back wouldn't be getting a similar exercise. I just don't want to lose strength in my lower back.

    Just for background, my SLDL are at ~365 for 5 good reps, and my Deadlifts are at 380 for 5 solid reps. I just want to throw that in if it helps to determine whether or not I'd lose much strength in my deadlift by dropping SLDLs.

    Sorry for the long read, any input is appreciated.

    Edit: In case it wasn't clear, I'm going to do squats on Mondays regardless, but it's just that my Mondays will be very long if I don't drop the stiff legged deads.
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    I would definitely try to get squats of some variation into your workout on whatever day you find most convenient. I personally would want squats over SLDL if I was already doing regular DLs in my routine.
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    Ya, full squats are more important then SLDL's IMO. You're doing regular deads though right?

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    I only see one "leg" exercise on your current "leg day". What do shrugs and pullups have to do with legs?

    Besides, you are only doing 4 exercises right now. That's not that much at all. Just add in the squats.
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    runty, that's what I figured too. thanks.

    brihead, I am doing regular deads on fridays, which are going very well.

    Guido, That's what I was saying, my leg day has become much less leg since the injury. My back day got really long, so I moved pullups/shrugs to leg day since it was empty without my leg in good shape. I haven't done direct leg work in over two months waiting for myself to heal up.

    Stiff leg deads- warmup sets +working, shrugs working sets (setting up takes forever) pullups 5 sets, and squats warmup+5 sets is a long workout. It takes me two hours as it is. Warmup sets seem to go on forever.

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