ok, ok, heres what happened. I have been staying about the same weight for almost a year, right around 237-9. I bought a custom Inzer super phenom, perfect fit. THEN, I find Nitrean. Choclate flavor to be exact. So I'm taking my Nitrean once, then twice, then 3x's a day, 2 scoops, with a mix of choclate and regular milk.

SO, onto the problem. I go to the gym Monday and cannot get anything to touch in my shirt. I try everything, tucking, no belt, collar riding high, wetting it, the works, nothing!.

So, my brilliant training partner says "why don't you go weight yourself"

Now the scale in the gym is about a 1/4 mile away, so I'm thinking, if I walk to the scale, it counts as cardio and I'm good. So I get to the scale, step on, slide to 235, nothing, 240, nothing, 245!, nothing, as I get to 247 the damn thing begins to move and settles at 248.

Now I call the guy that runs the gym over and tell him his equipment is faulty. He checks it and sure enough, it's off. It's a pound LIGHT! aaaghhhhh. So I weight 249 pounds and my 300 dollar bench shirt is to tight.

So what do you all think, they owe me a bench shirt, right?