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Thread: I says to myself, "Self, stop being fat and lazy."

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    I says to myself, "Self, stop being fat and lazy."

    This is just a copy and paste from a different forum, targeted at computer dorks like myself. I started late December/early January, after not being in a weight room since 2004. I'm going to dual-post my progress, as I imagine it'll be easier to get advice here.


    I started my Ripptoe workout today. This will be my first time in a weight room since '04.

    I'm 6'2", 228 lbs, 25% body fat.

    Goal: Kind of vague for now, 230ish lbs, 12% body fat


    5x1x135 (warm up)
    5x1x135 (warm up)

    As soon as I went down for my initial warmup squat, I knew I was in trouble. It didn't feel like a warmup, it felt like it used to feel when I was doing 70% of my 1RM. I'm lifting alone, so by the end of set 4, I stopped as I was afraid if I went down for another rep I wouldn't come back up.

    Dumbell Chest Press:

    15x1x30s (warm up)
    10x1x35s (semi-warm up)

    Crap. This is not a good start.


    5x1x135 (warm up)
    5x1x135 (warm up)

    I've never done deads before. I think I like them, but I'm sure my form was horrible. I don't like working out alone, at least at first. Once I get back into the swing of things I'll like it though. I tried to keep my back straight, head pointed forward, and my shins are skinned up, so I know I dragged the bar properly.

    Bicep curls

    10x1x50 (warm up)

    By now I feel like complete crap. This isn't part of ripptoes anyway, I probably won't bother with them again for a while. For now I should be sticking to the program.


    20 minutes of running and walking on treadmill

    Overall impressions:

    I am weak. When I was in high school I was squatting with 3 45s on each side of the bar. However, now I don't do anything, and haven't for a while, and my body has seriously deteriorated. Moreso than I expected. I am disappointed, but I don't feel discouraged. I feel like I just need to keep trying until I make that initial breakthrough. I won't stay this weak if I keep at it.

    I also have no endurance. No surprise there. Gaining muscle is more important to me than being able to run an 8 minute mile, but at one point I could run a 7 minute mile, so I'd like ot get back to that. I barely made it a quarter of a mile only running at 5.5 mph. Pathetic.

    I have some work to do.
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