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wow dude 230 x 15 squat? If i did more then 5 squats I think i'd be on the ground gasping for air. props to you bud
Thanks fooz. Not easy, for sure. I am surprised though, I don't feel that sore today.

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What's this 'ladder method' you speak of? Sounds interesting. A new innovative way to do chins for chin weaklings? I'm in! Nice deads back there dude-man. 225x12 is no joke, plus you had more in the tank! Start doing that cardio man... It's already helped me with my lifts. The better shape you're in the more energy you can save doing lifts.
It's good to have you back on the board jed, I hope you can stay for a while. You are correct on the ladder method. Let's say I wanted to do 3 ladder sets of chins. I would do 1 chin, then 2, then 3, that is one ladder set. I would do the same thing 2 more times. Frequency method is preferred (doing 1 set multiple times throughout the day) but I don't have a chin up bar at my office.

I have some cardio plans. Haven't implemented yet but it is coming.