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Thread: heart rate with deadlifts

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    heart rate with deadlifts

    I have been lifting for 2 years straight now but was wondering where everyone's heart rate usually is when doing big heavy sets such as deadlifts. I did 4 sets of 10 reps today and had my polar heart rate monitor on. By the tenth rep I wasn't so much tired with my muscles as much as I was just huffing and puffing. I thought that I was in pretty good shape with the cardio but I looked down at the monitor and it read 183 all 4 times. Does that seem excessively high? Just wondering where everyone else's heart rate usually hits. My rate drops about 10 seconds after stopping the set and maybe takes 90 seconds to drop below 130. I also will break 180 with bench press, squats, and any other big lifting.

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    Never used a monitor when lifting but I wouldn't be surprised, I know I can feel my heart beating heavy when I am done with a big lift.
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    I was wiped out yesterday after doing deadlifts. And I only did 2 sets of 5 (along with warmup sets). Other exercises I'm okay. Squats get me going some but not like the deadlifts. Of course I haven't been doing cardio the last 3 months but am starting back up this weekend to get ready for soccer.

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    Yes, deadlifts are definitely appropriately named. I get excited before doing them then after those workouts I really feel I kicked my own ass. Good feeling though...getting something done for sure.

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    Clean and jerk is what makes my heart pound like no other exercise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleverName View Post
    Clean and jerk is what makes my heart pound like no other exercise.
    Yes! Pretty much any oly lifts, really. Clean and jerks, hang cleans for reps, snatches...they really are a good cardio workout, in addition to building power and strength.
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    Squats and Deadlifts use a lot of big muscles so your heart is going to beat a lot harder than on other lifts. My heart rate increases on all lifts but after squats and deads i feel like ive just done a 100m sprint.

    If you fear the lift and get a little nervous before the lift it should help you lift a bit more.

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    LOL, yep. Better yet, try one of the Deadlift-intensive Crossfit workouts. You might have to take a knee afterwards. I did the first time I did "Diane" (45 reps deadlift, for time).
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    My heart feels like it's going to tear out of my chest when I do 10+ rep deadlift sets. I hope it doesn't since I think I might get kicked out of the gym for that.

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    my heart gets up there i wouldn't be too worried about it, its a good thing too, its not like you should be relaxing when you're putting up big weights like on the dead lift. Just think about the waste and energy disposal of the muscle cells when working that hard, if they aren't getting the oxygen they need or clearing out the lactic acid from the anaerobic respiration you won't get much past 1 rep.
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