Hey all,

I have a messed up history here. 1 yr 10 mths ago I busted something in my right shoulder on bench press. 1yr 5 mths ago I busted my left leg (tibion bone area), unsure how, I just got the pain one day...

Until this day, both are killing me. They only kill me when I put strain on them (ie weight lifting). My leg kills when I do squatting movements so i'm unable to do squats, lunges, etc. My shoulder kills when doing any chest excercise. Kills a bit on some shoulder and a bit when doing heavy tricep pull downs.

I'm currently hitting the gym but I don't do any excercises which I feel pain on both parts and I do light weights (have been since the injuries except for the mths off I took to relax/repair which I lifted nothing or did anything physical)

I've done ultrasound and xray testing for both many times and the results were fine, no problems. I took many months off physical activity and it hasn't healed. I've done excercises to repair rotators, etc, nothing. I've done physio/rehab (one normal, 2 sports physio) over the period of a few mths for both the leg and shoulder and no one has been able to resolve the problems. I've also done accupuncture by two different people.

The last physio I went to advised to visit an Orthopedic Surgeon.

I recently got my MRI done for the shoulder and they dont see anything wrong. All it says is tendiniosis. I visited the surgeon with my results from ultrasound, xrays and mri, and this guy states that surgery is not needed on both the leg and shoulder and that I should stop lifting and nothing can be done.

I told him to do something about it and he referred me to another orthopedic surgeon.

Basically i've been running around for almost 2 yrs, spent a crap load of money and time and nothing is resolved.

I have no where else to go but here, possibly someone has some insight on a similar injury that they experienced and overcame..