I was just watching CNN and they had segment about how to get fab abs, with some doctor. well the reporter guy asked the doctor how come when he had 3% bodyfat, he still had no abs. He said that many of his friends were down to 4-5% bodyfat and had no abs either. The doctor said it has alot to do with genetics and that some people can't get great abs.

This segment made me laugh, first I have never met a person truly under 10% bodyfat with no abs. Most people grossly under exagerate their bodyfat percentage. This reporter probably had closer to 13% bodyfat. Thier are very few people who I know truly get under 5% bodyfat. at that point you should look like an anantomy chart, whether you have devoloped abs or not, you will see them with low bodyfat. IT seems even doctors are blaming genetics on everything now.