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    Ok i am 15 years old and ive been pretty big before football started exspeccially. Im 5'10" and before the season i weighed about 196 and i wasnt working out. Now i have been working out for 3 months and i weigh 180. The reason is beacuse i was working on it. But i still look bad i have a gut and im not too thin. (but its just the begiinging because its only the middle of my body thats fatty my arms and legs arent bad) since im lifting i know i need to be carful with dieiting. So any suggestionas on how much i should loose or even how much i should weigh being 15 yrs old and 5'10". Any suggestions on real effective diets. Like slimfast as a weight liftiner is it safe to do a diet like that?


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    I wouldn't suggest cutting cals too much, youare still a growing boy.

    Spend some time doing more activity, and cut back on any junk you might eat.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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