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Thread: Need Your Guys Advice On Dynabol

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    Need Your Guys Advice On Dynabol

    Hey Boys Ima 21 Year Old Skinny 68 Kilos 6"2, And Want To Get Big. My Friend Has Dynabol And I Was Just Wondering Is It Safe? Thankyou

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    Learn how to eat. Then come back and ask these silly questions.
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    eat, lift, sleep. repeat

    wanna get really big? eat more, lift heavy, sleep. repeat.

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    Before you try drugs or the like, try nature's most anabolic substance - FOOD!

    Eat more, in the right proportions (get plenty of protein and the right kinds of fats), get more rest, and give it time. It takes time to grow muscles.
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    Ya I heard that eating a lot and lifting weights works too.

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    You're 21. You're skinny. Don't even think about using Dianabol or any other such substance until you are not remotely skinny and are very strong. If you do things right, that should take about 3-4 years, minimum.
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    skip drugs until you hit your natural limit. they certainly don't do any good if you're already not eating enough food, as they just ramp up your ability to put on mass, requiring even more food to be consumed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanttogetbigger View Post
    Hey Boys Ima 21 Year Old Skinny 68 Kilos 6"2, And Want To Get Big. My Friend Has Dynabol And I Was Just Wondering Is It Safe? Thankyou
    The OTC stuff? No it's side effects in a bottle and ineffective.
    Learn how to eat. Even with that kinda crap you still have to eat.
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