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    All this talk about what Genetics does for people has kinda sparked an interest on seeing what people think of their own personal genetics.

    So the question is, "How good are your genetics??"

    As in my online name ...I have Freaky Genetics....thanks to my Grandfather. Thank him everyday...on how lucky I am.
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    my dad is like 5'7 150lbs with 13 inch arms.
    my mom is 5'8 140lbs with 12.5 inch arms.
    my dads dad is 5'5 and he is so skinny and weak it is unbelievable.
    my mom's dad is 6'4'' 240lbs, has never worked out though, he has some big arms for an old man.
    both my grandmothers are fat.

    IMO i have bad genitics, i am 5'10'' (just barley). My arms are 15-16 after a year of training and i am 190lbs, but i need to cut up big time. My genetics also cause me to go bald, which sucks.
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    My dad is 6"2' at 212 pounds and my mom is 5"2' at 115 pounds
    My dad's dad was 6"3 and my mom's dad is 5"5' at 195
    I am 5"8' and at 162 pounds and both of my older brothers are the same height as I am but weight 10 pounds more than me. I have 13.5 inch bicepts and my brothers have 14 and 15.5 inch bicepts. How's that for genetics.
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    I think we all get more of our mothers side.. they usually say look at your moms brother and father for your height. im 17 6'1 and 148 pounds.. genetics cant be that great but i still am growing a lot and have time to fill out so i'll have to wait and see..

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    psh, genetics give u the starting tools, u do the rest! haven't u guys heard of nature vs nurture? the longer u live (18 years is considered long enough), then the less genetics have to do w/ u (except for the age diseases, but in terms of body physique, genetics isn't gonna make u not be heavier than 130lbs or anything). of course, genetics do make a factor, but genetics can't be blamed if u can't drop bodyfat, or become as big as you wanna be. how u train will have more effect than genetics
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    I fully agree with podium. It may take you longer, but everyone has an equal chance. Also I've got the world's slowest metabolism and I'm still saying genetics aren't a factor, after all my years of struggling with losing weight. Hard work and dedication, that's the only way to go.
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