i thought i would share a little story about my night after i got off of work saturday morning. we, people from work, went to a bar, i got two long island ice teas and figured that would be it, nothing more. well one of the guys orders me a death wish, 10 oz. shot of several liquors. i had already drank one of the ice teas then o downed, i mean chugged like they said, the death wish and within minutes i was gone. crushed beercans over my head, ripped them apart, drank the other ice tea, crushed a full can of beer and made it shoot like a fountain, said all kinds of crazy stuff, told the two girls there that they were fine, yeah they are too they're hooter girls man, and even grabbed some girls ass, that i did not remeber, and all i can recall from there was a girl rubbing my back asking making sure i was ok, girls pouring ice water and ice on my neck and the back of my head, i was told later that i was sweating profusely, then one of the guys asked if i wanted to go and i nodded yes, so they drug me out and i crashed on the guys couch. all in all it was fun just wish i could have been sober enough to enjoy it more. i know this is not too relavent but i thought i would share it with yall to give ya something to laugh at.