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Thread: shocking you muscles?

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    shocking you muscles?

    someone told me when you hit a plateau you want to shock ur muscles. he said u can do this with supersets or just by forcing your last reps. does any1 kno any other ways to shock your muscles and any other info about it?

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    I have found that resistance added plyometrics, more rest and more calories are the only thing that get me through plateaus

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    change your rep scheme, try supersets, new lifts for the muscles and eat more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirino83 View Post
    change your rep scheme, try supersets, new lifts for the muscles and eat more.
    rest more and maybe change the order of your split too. what exactly is your routnie?
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    I find switching from BB to DB for a couple of weeks can help break the plateau. (Remember, chances are you will be doing less weight with the DB's, especially at first).

    Also, like someone said, change rep scheme: more weight, less reps or less weight more reps.

    Eating more and/or resting more, may help, too.
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    drop sets also work well. i usually do these with DB press by doing a set of 8 reps with say 50lbs and then right after your done with the 8 reps take 45lbs and go to failure which i usually only get 3-4 reps. This will tire you out quickly and help you build endurance. you can do this for any exercise it doesnt just have to be DB bench
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    How long have you been training? You are already plateauing? What is your routine like?

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