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Thread: Advice about WBB 1.1?

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    Advice about WBB 1.1?


    I've been using WBB 1 for around 6 months but I went to vacation to Europe, so I didnt work out for a month but I'm back and I would like to continue to work out but I guess i'm done with WBB 1 because I was already using that routine for over 6 months. I've seen WBB 1.1 and only question is on my mind is that it is mostly on abs/lower/upper body. Do we have to do anything about shoulders and arms? Because in Wbb 1, we also had exercises for shoulders and arms. So, all I saw was upper/lower body and abs for WBB 1.1..

    And one more thing, I would like to lose around 7-8 pounds and I think I have fat around my belly section and which supplement should I use? Is whey good? Or Cretaine? But please keep in mind that my first goal is to not gain weight.

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    WBB 1.1 is fine how it is, all of the basic compounds with in some way hit your arms and shoulders. Second, weight is a function of diet so if you want to lose then eat less. Whey and creatine are good for either. You should probably do some reading and learn about all of this (diet, routine splits, supplementation) if you are going to implement it into your lifestyle.

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    You shouldnt have troubles losing 7-8 lbs. Thats really not all that much.

    You have two options when it comes to that. Losing weight is really about energy. That comes in 2 ways:

    1) Eat less energy
    2) Burn more energy (generally through aerobic metabolism)

    Of course, you can do a combination of both. I, for one, dont mind a little bit of cardio when on a cut.

    But youre aiming for 7-8 lbs. Some of that is going to be water weight (on the scale).

    Wbb1.1 is fine just the way it is. In fact, I would urge you to keep it the way it was written.
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    Thanks for all replies guys.

    So, I only have a question about supplement then. I would like to have some protein supplement but I dont know much about them. I just wanna get a supplement that doesnt make me gain weight. I dont know which one would be better option from protein shake, whey protein or creatine..

    I will also do cardio.. Should I do cardio on non-lifting days or can I do it after I lift?

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    instead of doing cardio check out hiit (high intensity interval training) and as for protein n creatine check out atlarge nutrition, they have pretty good supps, or just visit a local walmart if youre broke like me =)
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    WBB 1.1 is solid for arms, in fact I almost think my triceps get overworked. The first 4 weeks is a lot of volume so it would be a good opurtunity to cut off the extra fat. Give it a try.

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