I've been using WBB 1 for around 6 months but I went to vacation to Europe, so I didnt work out for a month but I'm back and I would like to continue to work out but I guess i'm done with WBB 1 because I was already using that routine for over 6 months. I've seen WBB 1.1 and only question is on my mind is that it is mostly on abs/lower/upper body. Do we have to do anything about shoulders and arms? Because in Wbb 1, we also had exercises for shoulders and arms. So, all I saw was upper/lower body and abs for WBB 1.1..

And one more thing, I would like to lose around 7-8 pounds and I think I have fat around my belly section and which supplement should I use? Is whey good? Or Cretaine? But please keep in mind that my first goal is to not gain weight.