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    Hey guys,

    Just got home and have a good report to give on my workout today. First a little background. I'm 38, have been lifting since I was early 20's on and off, but never really powerlifted before. I decided to stop fooling around and found myself a legit coach, and have been training with him for the last 6-7 weeks using Westside philosophy. Before working with the Coach I worked out by myself, so when I squatted and what not I never could really go heavy. Right off the bat he identified every weakness I have and we've been working hard on strengthening those area. One of the things I never realized was how much mental focus it takes, especially squatting. So anyway......

    Todays squat PR was 545 for a single; just knee wraps and a belt. It felt great when I hit it. I missed it about 10 minutes earlier, but it was due to a mental breakdown more than a shortage of strength. Coming out of the hole I let my shoulders collapse and my head go down slightly and I was done. When I hit it I kept my head up and back arched strong and put it up no problem. I had already done some reverse hypers and thought I was done but we decided to do some light pulling. I felt good and went for a 425 deadlift and nailed it. 425 isn't a lot, but I haven't been working my deads at all, I never have. My biggest problem is technique, which I'm working on and getting better so I'm sure 425 will be a distant memory in a short time. So anyway, I had a great day, 545 squat, 425 dead.

    I forgot to add that I am 6-3, 350 at the moment, a SHW, but I have no intention of staying in the SHW class. I am carrying way too much fat around, especially in the midsection, so I am working on that. I'd like to get down to around 285-295. Still big with mass, but not a fat ****. I just got my Prowler the other day so I'll be incorporating that soon, which should help.
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