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Thread: Meet/federation question

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    Meet/federation question

    Question for any of you guys that have competed:

    When you attend a meet, do you have to be a member of the federation putting it on? I was checking out the upcoming meets in Michigan because I'd like to try and compete in at least 1 before I turn 20 since I'd still be in the teen class. A couple I was looking at were put on by the ADFPF, and on one of the online forms for the meet it said you must be a member of the ADFPF to compete. Are all events like this, or only some? I'm curious, because there's many different federations, how do you attend multiple meets a year if they're put on by different groups? Just sign up for every group?

    One more quick question. May a stupid one, but I've never been to a comp. so I have no clue. Michigan Championships are in April and I'd like to go watch just to see what it's like. Anybody can go watch a comp, right? I'm not worried about a door fee, I'm just not sure who all can attend. If some places are small I could see only allowing competitors and a few guests allowed to go.
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    Most feds have a membership fee ( SLP is the only one I can think of that does not ) Just join the day of.

    Anyone can go watch a meet. Go to every meet you can even if it is to just watch. It is fun to watch and you might learn something!
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