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Thread: Setting goals & working towards them

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    Setting goals & working towards them


    I recently started Karate and I did so because I want to improve my overall health & fitness.

    I want to set myself some realistic goals but goals that push me.

    I'm a skinny guy right now, what I want to do is to grow slowly in size but improve my strength & stamina as a foremost goal. I'm not too bothered about being bulky or anything like that for now.

    I was thinking of doing the following:
    Mondays - Karate in the evening
    Tuesdays - distance running
    Wednesdays - off day
    Thursdays - running & light weights
    Fridays - running & light weights
    Saturdays - off day
    Sundays - running & heavier weights or weapons training

    I would of course be practicing my karate during the week.

    To improve my strength & fitness would you say this is a good weekly plan? Also would you boost your calorie intake and if so, in what format? (shakes, eating more, if so what? etc.)

    What goals should I be aiming for (like, what specific targets. I only have broad targets in my mind at the moment, i.e. get better at karate, be fitter... lol.)

    So yeah, I'm basically asking what specific goals would you go for, being in my position, and does the above plan seem ok?

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