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Thread: The dieing of a generation

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    The dieing of a generation

    Sitting here in my seat reading standard WBB threads the song "Shine on your crazy diamond" came on and for some reason I instantly thought of my grandpa. In April its going to be a year since he died. Like many he was a holocaust survivor who has seen the horrors of Auschwitz. Not many people has seen what he has. As the years go on people like him will of course die and with them, stories . In the next 10 years the amount of holocaust survivors, WW2 veterans, WW1 veterans, and anyone else who have been apart of the most influential history of mankind will no longer be around to tell us stories.

    I dont know if you can grasp this concept but now we always ask these people "What was it like back then". When we are older and have grandkids they wont have the opportunity to ask the people who witnessed first hand the most important time of humanity. They are going to be so amazed. They will learn of the war, technological discoveries, and great turning points in man kind that have defined who we are today. They will be amazed and ask us "What was it like to know a person in the war?". Kind of incredible to think about.

    The point of this thread. Talk to your grandparents. They are an important generation. Learn everything about their past and experiences because you may not have much time. You owe it to your kids/grandkids. I always talked to my grandparents on both sides and have learned a lot from them. But of course you always have that little voice in the back of your mind saying you could have done more to learn from them.

    I think im going to call my grandparents tomorrow.
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