The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

It’s no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    The official :hump: thread

    Ok, time to get serious.

    This will be updated everyday, not just with lifts but with diet, rest, goals, sets, reps, etc... basically, the whole sch - bang!

    The following diet plan is what i will try to consume each and everyday (on non-trainning days, the post-trainning meal will be replaced with a MRP and fruit).

    I have other meals worked out that i can substitute in for practicality or for a 'cheat'.

    The times shown are all approximations that i will aim for.

    Diet Plan

    Meal 1: [8:30am]
    - Muslei (+ milk)
    - 2 Whole eggs
    - 4 eggs whites
    - apple
    Meal 2: [10:30am]
    - Tuna (+ Mayo) on
    - 4 slices wheat bread
    - orange
    Meal 3: [1pm]
    - roast beef on
    - 4 slices wheat bread
    - banana
    Meal 4: (post trainning) [3:30pm]
    - 1/2 Nlarge2 + milk(usually with creatine)
    Meal 5: [6pm]
    - Oatmeal ( + milk)
    - Whey protein shake
    - 1 tsp PB
    Meal 6: [9pm]
    - 2 chicken breast
    - rice
    - 1 tsp flax
    Meal 7: [11:30pm]
    - tuna
    - 1 slice wheat bread

    Daily totals:
    4203.7 kcals
    318.1g protein
    521.8g carbs
    93.8g fat

    Currently taking Glutamine, creatine, Vitamins, cod liver oil and glucosamine.

    Training goals

    1. Thicker shoulders
    2. Overall thicker chest ----> better development
    3. Thicker calves

    These are the present main concerns although obviously overall bodily development is the ultimate goal.

    Training split:

    Monday - Chest triceps abs
    Tuesday - Back biceps forearms
    Wednesday - rest
    Thursday - Quads Hams Calves
    Friday - Delts Traps

    [All sets to failure]
    Chest - Flat Barbell press 2 sets
    - Incline Dumbell press 2 sets
    - Dips OR Machine flyes 2 sets

    Back - Deadlifts 2 sets
    - Chins 3 sets
    - Dumbell rows 2 sets
    - Cable low-pulley rows 1-2 sets

    Legs - Leg extensions 3 sets (pre-exhaust)
    - Squats OR Leg press 3 sets
    - Seated leg curls 3 sets
    - Standing leg curls 2 sets
    - Seated calf raise 2 sets
    - Standing calf raise

    Delts - Dumbell press 1 set
    - Side laterals 1 set
    - Rear laterals 1 set

    Traps - Dumbell shrugs 2 sets

    Biceps - Standing Barbell curl 2 sets
    - Seated alt. Dumbell curl 1 set

    Triceps - Seated Skullcrushers 2 sets
    - Rope pushdown 2 sets

    Forearms - Reverse dumbbell wrist curls 2 sets
    - Behind the body barbell wrist curls 2 sets
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