I let my gym membership lapse long ago after the 2nd child came along. I bought a bench and some other stuff and put it in my basement.
I slowly have been getting back up near my pre-marriage max of '03.

This is my situation, near the end of my bench workout (which I do the old school pyramid thing starting at 135) I start doing 1 rep sets of 205, 210 and then 225. When I get to 225, I'll just keep doing 1 rep sets until I think I'm not going to make it, burn out at 155 and then do some incline dumb bells.

Some days I'll do 3 single reps at 225, some days I'll do 7, anyone got any idea if doing these single reps should do anything for me? If I had a spotter, I would do things like I used to, but I really can't push to failure and then have to do the emergency unload the weights off the bar manuever every time.

I have no idea if this is normal, or just mental, but in the past when I get up to around 250, typically I can then start doing a 5 rep set of 225. If I keep pushing and get back into the 265-270 range, then I can really rip on 225.