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Thread: Continues crewing lifting schedule. Help

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    Continues crewing lifting schedule. Help

    Continues crewing lifting schedule.

    I work a 12 & ˝ rotating schedule and looking for a custom routine. I have found that my energy levels are not what they should be a for a serious workout after a 12 hr day. For you that do not know what a continues crewing schedule here is an example.

    Monday 6:30A-7:00P
    Tuesday 6:30A-7:00P
    Wednesday OFF
    Thursday OFF
    Friday 6:30A-7:00P
    Saturday 6:30A-7:00P
    Sunday 6:30A-7:00P
    Monday OFF
    Tuesday OFF
    Wednesday 6:30A-7:00P
    Thursday 6:30A-7:00P
    Friday OFF
    Saturday OFF
    Sunday OFF

    And then repeat. I usually only work 14 -16 day’s a month and work a short week “2days” then a long week “5days” Then repeat. I am really looking into getting serious; I want to keep a Fit day journal on the site as well as a journal of my workouts. I have been working out regularly for the last 8 months and neglected the two biggest lifts “ Squats & Deads “ I have recently started on these lifts and have been just trying to get my form correct. This excites me because I have made some great gains in the last 6 months. I am 6’0 207 with about %14 BF. My workout has been my own custom workout and I have not kept track of any of my exercises or weight used. I was one of those curl jockey’s that assumed that sets just concentrating on my arms will get them bigger and obviously I have been wrong. I am ready to do the big lifts and I am ready to get them right. I would like someone’s input on what routine to do my primary goal right now is to bulk for 2 & ˝ months then cut in the beginning of may. I want to do WBB1.1 but with my work schedule nothing really works. I primarily only want to workout on my days off when I can make sure that I can have good energy and can get enough rest aft wards. So what would you suggest? And modified workout? My diet is in pretty good order as well.

    Here is a link to my pics. They are about where I am now.

    I am at work and dont have time to grammer check, I am sure it's all messed up.

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    ahhh continuous!
    wondered what that thread title was trying to say.

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