Hi, I'm a little lost/confused on the right methods in lifting and schedule, increasing/decreasing poundages, increasing/decreasing reps/sets, lifting to failure on each set or not etc.

I read some articles on routines and bulking and increasing strength and they were very informative but I'm still confused and I'm sure I'm making some mistakes. Also, I've only been lifting for a little over one month so I didn't think the advanced stuff applied to me since I'm a beginner. I was hoping I could get some input on what I might be doing right and what I'm doing wrong and what I should change. For now my goal is to gain size and strength.

Here is my routine:

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders Triceps
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Biceps & Back
Day 4: Rest
Then back to day 1 and repeat.

Here are some sample workouts:

Chest, shoulders, triceps:
BENCH PRESS - Sometimes I do four sets
225lbs. - 6 reps
200lbs. - 8 reps
185lbs. - 8 reps

INCLINE BENCH PRESS - Sometimes I do four sets
135lbs. - 9 reps
135lbs. - 6 reps
100lbs. - 12 reps

100lbs. - 8 reps
100lbs. - 7 reps
85lbs. - 10 reps

10lbs. - 12 reps
10lbs. - 10 reps
10lbs. - 11 reps

------------------------- -------
5lbs. - 16 reps
5lbs. - 16 reps

------------------------- --
25lbs. - 30 reps
25lbs. - 25 reps

185lbs. - 10 reps
185lbs. - 10 reps
185lbs. - 10 reps

25lbs. - 10 reps
25lbs. - 12 reps
25lbs. - 10 reps

25lbs. - 20 reps
35lbs. - 16 reps
45lbs. - 12 reps

Biceps & Back
75lbs. - 12 reps
95lbs. - 2 reps
85lbs. - 5 reps
75lbs. - 7 reps

25lbs. - 10 reps
25lbs. - 10 reps

25lbs. - 12 reps
25lbs. - 8 reps

90lbs. - 13 reps
100lbs. - 6 reps
80lbs. - 12 reps
80lbs. - 16 reps

------------------------- -
95lbs. - 13 reps
95lbs. - 12 reps
95lbs. - 12 reps

I usually do all my sets to failure and I'm not sure if that's right.

I often start out doing the heaviest weights for my first set and then lower them to keep the reps up.

Sometimes I just keep the weight constant for a constant number of reps to get a good pump.

I don't know if I should do high reps for a pump or low reps to lift heavier weights?

Other times I'll increase the weight for set #2 and then decrease it for set #3 to bring the number of reps back up. Not sure if any of that is good or not or if I should just be doing it one way.

I read about progressively increasing the weights per set but if I do that would I still do each set to failure or would I stop a few reps short of failure so I would still be able to lift a heavier weight with the next set and get a good number of reps?

I also read that a 'good' number of reps is 8 with one or two 'finishing' sets of around 12 to 20 reps to get a pump. Is that correct?

I started doing regular deadlifts as part of my back workout however I really felt it in my legs so I stopped because it felt more like a leg exercise rather than a back exercise. I thought about doing the the regular deadlifts along with squats in my leg routine but I wasn't sure if squats and deadlifts would be too much. I also thought it might interfere with recovery from my biceps & back routine since it works the back as well.

I didn't want to do straight leg deadlifts because they sounded like they were bad for the back. Plus I enjoyed doing regular deadlifts much more.

If there's any experienced weight lifters that are willing to pass on some of their knowledge and help me out I'd really appreicate it. I would like to put an end to any mistakes I am making sooner rather than later. Thanks.