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Thread: Pulled muscle from deadlift?

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    Pulled muscle from deadlift?

    I was deadlifting today and hit a new PR of 305x2(yay!) and now 9 hours later I wonder if I may have pulled something. The muscle on my right side next to my spine feels tight, it doesn't hurt but its noticeable. It doesn't hurt to touch it in anyway or to stretch it, so I wanted to know, did I pull it? Should I be more careful of my form? Is it just a side effect of pull so much weight, the likes of which I've never pulled before. Thanks, peace.
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    I would put my money on it being tight from going heavy. Heat, stretch, massage, foam roll, light exercise, etc. If it doesn't get any better in a few days you should see a doctor.

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    Probably just overworked it. Just don't throw any heavy loads at it this week and let it heal up. Nice PR, bro.
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