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Thread: squat and bench grip

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    squat and bench grip

    alright in starting strenght he recomend with squat you use a thumbless grip and straight wrists the straight wrists is fine but the thumbless hurts my wrists could i use the thumb grip?

    and bench he recomends you dont bend the wrist at all
    jut like this pic
    i feel better doing the 1st one but i know that it is wrong and i cant do as much weight. how come?

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    i would say using a thumb for your squats is fine, even tho im not sure how holding the bar in any way on your back could hurt your wrists. maybe your bar placement is wrong or something.

    im not sure about the bench one. i dont think bending your wrists is terribly wrong, but if your actually a fresh lifter and arent used to either form, i would go with the straight wrist even if you cant do as much weight.
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    Squats will hurt your wrist if you're using A LOT of weight. You probably have that problem. Bench, just do what's comfortable, but straight wrists tend to be more comfortable. You can also try wrist wraps.

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    The bar should be over/in-line-with your forearm, however much wrist bend that allows you.

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    Always grab the bar and squeeze with everything you got. This makes a world of difference in how well you will stabilize the weight. If you grip is tight, then your body will be tight and the weight will feel like nothing.
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