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Thread: Help me with my Routine please.

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    Help me with my Routine please.

    Hey guys,

    sunday - off
    monday - off

    tuesday -
    BB Bench 6x5
    Lat P/D 5x7
    Hammer Strength Incline Bench 5x5
    Seated Row 5x7
    DB Bench 5x5
    Lever Row 3x10
    wide peck deck machine 5x5
    1.5 mile run

    wednesday - off

    thursday -
    Decline Bench 6x5
    DB curls 5x10
    Tricep P/D 5x10
    Wide Peck deck machine 5x5
    Reverse Curls 5x5
    Preacher cable curls 5x5
    1.5 mile run

    Friday - off

    Saturday -
    Squats 5x5
    Shoulder Press 5x5
    Leg press 5x5
    cable upright row 5x10
    Rear Delt row 5x5
    front cable raises 5x5
    1.5 mile run

    PLease tell me what you think and any advice.



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    My mistake, I thought you said help me with my rippetoe routine
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    What are your stats?

    Edit: I looked at your journal. So, you're definitely in the novice stage of training. This stage is characterized by the fact that you are able to spur progress using a training stress that is small enough that it can be recovered from in time for your next workout. At this point you should be using a routine that takes advantage of this fact - a routine that allows for progress every workout. Yours does not. How can you recover from 16 sets of pressing and some pec dec in time for your next workout? Look up rippetoe's starting strength. That's the one you should use. Adding weight to the bar every workout is key to the routine, and so is diet and rest because without them you won't be able to add the weight to the bar. Rippetoe really stresses drinking a gallon of whole milk a day during the novice stage.
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    haha running after squats, thats always fun XD
    you know just yesterday i played DDR(dance dance revolution) for about a hour, then did a bunch of squats and SLDL good mornings. total leg day, but i tell you what , i couldnt do a singel set of calve raises, ddr works calves like bloody hell, pretty amazing.

    tho for back i would add bent rows and deadlift, might help ya there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ResistancE1 View Post
    BB Bench
    Bent Over Row
    Front Squat

    OH press

    Incline DB Press
    Bent over rows
    Calf raises

    that is the best i can do with your routine leaving it as intact as you gave it. i think though that if you kept the volume low and the set rep range low you can see some really good gains with something like the aformentioned routine. do some reading and research too please
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