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Thread: Grade A chicken vs Economy Chicken

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    Grade A chicken vs Economy Chicken

    Grade A chicken that I've been buying is 3.30 a bag for 700g and is skinless and boneless but I only get 4 pieces in a packet. It only has 0.2g of fat though. With economy chicken it cost 3 a bag and you get around 10 pieces but it has 16g of fat. Which is the better value in your opinion? After you have removed the chicken from the bones and peeled the skin off the economy chicken how much value are you getting compared to the grade A?

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    Nutrition wise they are the same. They charge less because the chicken wasnt raised as well as the grade A chicken. Grade A may taste better.

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    Also, Grade A chickens were the really smart ones. That's why they got an A.

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    Grade B chickens are the ones that are too sick to stand.
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    Bulk chicken=sick. Most of the time it's fat covered and frozen. Fresh chicken tastes much better to me.
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    Yeah of course fresh chicken is nicer but I got to think of the costs and convenience. In theory the Economy should add up to more chicken but the question was really in practice how much more actual chicken meat would I be likely to get?

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