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Thread: Critique diet

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    Critique diet

    I'm anywhere from 295lbs to 302lbs depending on the day. I'm trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass and strength at the same time. I've been working out 5 days a week, but along with my diet change I'm going to be changing out my lifts. Going to start going MWF as I think I'm overtraining. I haven't been seeing much strength gains or weight loss lately, so I'm switching everything around. Here is what I think I will be intaking daily starting tomorrow. Thoughts? At a glance it looks like a lot of ****ing food, but it's only 2900 cals. That's a deficit at my weight isn't it?

    Item Cal/Fat/Carb/Protein

    Breakfast: (9am)
    2x whole wheat bread 100/2g/20g/8g
    2x eggwhite 34/.12g/.48g/7.2g
    1x egg 80/5g/1g/7g
    1slice cheese 70/5g/2g/4g

    1.5 cup milk 225/12g/18g/12g
    2scoop protein 260/4g/8g/46g

    *****Breakfast totals: 769 / 28.12g / 49.48g / 84.2g

    Snack #1 (11am)
    Salted Peanuts 160/14g/5g/8g

    Lunch: (12:30pm)

    2x whole wheat bread 100/2g/20g/8g
    2slice cheese 140/10g/4g/8g
    6slice turkey 50/1g/2g/8g

    *****Snack + Lunch Totals: 450/27g/31g/32g

    Snack #2 (3pm)
    2x whole wheat bread 100/2g/20g/8g
    2tbspn PB 400/32g/6g/7g

    Snack #3 (6pm Right before gym)
    Salted Peanuts 160/14g/5g/8g

    *****Snack #2 & #3 Totals: 660/48g/31g/23g

    Dinner: (7pm)
    1/2lb ground turkey 375/22.5g/0g/52g
    shredded cheese 110/9g/1g/6g
    salsa ?????????
    1cup Lettuce 10/0g/2g/1g
    1.5 cup milk 225/12g/18g/12g
    2scoop protein 260/4g/8g/46g

    *****Dinner Totals: 980/47.5g/29g/117g

    Daily Total: 2859 cals / 150.62g fat / 140.48g carbs / 256.2g protein

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    Assuming that ~3,000 cals is about 500 below your maintence, you are not going to be cutting fat and gaining muscle at the same time.

    UNLESS you are new to the game or picking up after a layoff, etc.

    In order to do both over a long period, you would need more micromanaging involving high calorie days along with your low ones.

    But, I would only suggest a mega-scientific anal-approach to dieting after getting a strong grip and experience and knowing how your body responds.

    I am assuming your main goal is to cut fat, so I would stick with te basic caloric deficit. You will certaily see progress if you keep at it.

    My point is that you should not expect to see large gais i muscle mass. Simply cutting up will make it seem like yo have, however.

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    eat some fruits and vegetables dude

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