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Thread: Health Myths.

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    Health Myths.

    1. Iv heard for a long time if you don't sleep for 8 hours a night you wont grow. 2. its bad for you to eat before you sleep. anyone want to clarify these?
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    1) It's more important to try to have a regular sleep schedule than it is to have 8 hours of sleep.
    Your body attempts to setup circadian (sp?) rhythms and it uses those rhythms for timing events. If you only sleep 6.33 hours per night, but you have fairly consistent bed/wake times, your body triggers certain endocrine events at times during that sleep.

    2) I have heard that this is a myth and I tend to believe it.
    Let's say that man#1 and man#2 are of similar height, proportions, metabolisms and muscle mass ratios, and both of them consume 2000 calories per day. They both have similar activity levels and burn about 1900 cals per day.
    Man#1 consumes 1750 cals during the day, and has less than 250 readily in his digestive system when he goes to sleep.
    Man#2 consumes 1000 throughout the day and has 1000 in him at bed time.
    Man#1 had an excess of calories during the day, and processed some of it for energy storage as fat, but had a deficit at night which basically used it up.
    Man#2 consumed slightly less than he needed during the day, so burned off some stored energy, but then had a slight excess at night, and got it back.

    Basically, its the overall balance that counts.
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