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Thread: How do we feel about these little gems?

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    How do we feel about these little gems?

    Give you the nutrition info before I tell you what it is to avoid bias.

    40 calories, 0 fat, 0 cholest, 0 sodium, 85mg potassium, 10 g carb (8 sugar), 0 protein.

    Ingredients:Organic Apple puree concentrate, organic strawberry puree, natrual elderberry juice concentrate, organic strawberry flavor, organic lemon juice concentrate.

    2 of these = 1 organic fruit serving.

    Its a stupendous delicious treat..


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    what is it? 8g sugar...yum
    Quote Originally Posted by Everyone View Post
    I agree with McVein

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    A fruit juice?

    I'd rather eat an apple or a banana.
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    Fruit flats. And man oh man are they delicious. I think the best part about them is they FEEL like a cheat/treat.. It like a like a fruit snack, only better tasting and better for you. They have em in a bunch of different flavors.. Stop and Shop by me (NY) has 'em. Easy to carry, quick to eat and *****in awesome tasting/smelling..
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    Whole Foods sells something just like them. I think they market them towards kids. I like the blueberry + BCAA caps for the drive home from the gym.

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