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Thread: Please Help With Any Advice

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    Please Help With Any Advice

    I have been weightlifting since december now and have faced some problems and would really appreciate some advice on what i should do.

    My goal since december is to increase the size of my biceps and triceps, i tend to work my biceps more at the moment, i have noticed a huge increase in the size of my biceps and they have a really good peak.

    Only recently i have had a strong pain (like a bruise being pushed) in my arm, it always hurts during workout and stops me being able to progress any further, i assumed at first i was working my biceps too hard, so started to have rest periods between 2-7 days, this did not resolve the problem.

    I am currently in the situtation where i cannot work my arms as hard as i could be and i cannot make any good progress. Previously when training my biceps, they used to feel hard and they actually felt like they had been worked, i can no longer get to that situation.

    A firend of mine (weight lifter for 10years) has recommended to me Creatine which i am waiting to recieve and i intend to rest for slightly longer.

    Has anyone experienced this or can recommend anything?

    Greatly Appreciated


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    You want bigger biceps & triceps:

    Get a bigger bench press.
    Get a bigger bentover row.
    Do more chinups.
    Do more dips.

    Eat. Eat. Lift. Eat Eat Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
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