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Thread: About to get serious for first time in 5 years

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    About to get serious for first time in 3 years

    I am about to get serious about my health again for the first time in about 3 years. I was working out pretty religiously the first two years of college but then fell victim to a long term girlfriend! When I stopped working out, I was about 6' 2" 175 and fairly cut up. I am currently 23 years old 6'2" 200+/-lbs and unfortunately none of the extra weight is muscle. I am looking to start a cut, but am still not sure which one to go with. My goal is to be down to 180 by 5/1/08. Any suggestions on which diet to follow would be appreciated.

    The attached photos reflect about a month and a half of being back in the gym-weights only. Sorry, I have no idea how to pose for them. I am going to lift 3-4 times a week and do the Big 3 at least once a week. I also am looking into going to a boxing gym for an additional 2 workouts a week just for fun. Any areas I need to focus on from the pics, please point them out and dont hold back.

    Additionally, I am going to be supplementing with the following:

    -Mega Men Sport Multi-Vitamin
    -Tonalin CLA (going to finish the bottle i have and stop-havent seen any results)
    -Fish Oil (5 capsules daily with 900mg EPA & 600mg DHA)
    -Black Powder (I know a lot of ppl dont like this supplement but i have seen improvements in my workouts)
    -Protein (Currently not supplementing protein please recommend a brand)

    Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated and I am going to try and track my progress on here.


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