So Saturday I was doing leg press supersetting it with ext when on the last set of my leg press I was pushing with everything Ive got when the back of my head just started throbbing! I had this happen a few months ago, so I chilled for a few minutes hoping it would go away. Well I had to leave since the pain never stopped. So I went home just put an ice pack on it and it felt better, ready for monday. So I go in today and I went to do incline bench, first set of the day, when as soon as I was pushing it my head started THROBBING LIKE CRAZYYY!!! It hurt so bad, I have neverrr in my life felt a pain so bad. So I went home took 600mg of ibuprofen and laid down. Now, an hour later it still kind of hurts.

So what do you think i should do to rid me of this STUPID GOD FORSAKEN !@#$@#$)@(*#&%)@#$!@)#$& HEAD injury? Should I take some more days off? I reallllllly do not want to take off. And usually I jsut push threw the pain or injuries, but if this pain keeps coming back theres no way I would be able to lift through it. Thanks for the help