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Thread: Squat width - good to be inflexible?

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    Squat width - good to be inflexible?

    So my first meet is in two weeks and right now I'm rereading everything I know about form to see if there's anything I can tweak in the coming DE days. First I want to ask if this is a good idea - should I just leave my form how it is or see if there's anything small I can change?

    One thing I've noticed is that my squat is pretty narrow. This is largely due to hip inflexiblity - I'm actually getting really close to front splits but I have NOWHERE NEAR the flexibility for side splits. With just my bodyweight I can barely squat to parallel with my feet a little wider than shoulder width.

    BUT I'm thinking that with several hundred pounds on my back I'll be able to reach parallel with a wider stance, and it will provide me with a bit more spring out of the hole. Whadaya think? Is this outwright dangerous or a good idea?
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    stick with what your doing. If you widen up your stance before or at your meet your risking disaster. As your setup goes from narrow to wide you'll utilize muscles differently along with a drastic change in form. Also if I read right your planning on using your *inflexibility* as a spring? You know what will happen if your "spring" gives out? yeh. ow.

    definitely wait till after your meet to practice using a wider stance with lower weights till you get the form change down, and work on the flexibility.
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    stick with what you trained with for the past weeks. its best to change your technique AFTER the meet. goodluck at the meet!

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    make sure to take some time off!
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    if it ain't broke, don't fix it. least not now. Changing your form this close to a meet could have some bad consequences for your attempts

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    your going to hurt yourself

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    for this meet you need to stick with what you have been doing. After the meet Try squating with a wider stance. Make sure to point your toes out a little to help with your balance! Good Luck at the meet bro!
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    Two weeks out is a really bad time to make technique changes.
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