Is westside good for raw lifting or should raw lifters incorporate more frequency in their training? I mean, lets look at the ultimate RRAAWRZZ!!11! Oly lifters, we seem to defy every convention from squatting with huge knee travel to squatting heavy twice a day 6 times a week. So, if Oly lifters can condition themselves to this kind of frequency then why would it not be beneficial for raw lifters to do the same?

Think on it...

Obviously westside is geared to geared lifters. These nutters are in 2-3 plys putting insanely huge weights that I could not even comprehend moving on their backs. Having this much weight on you, regardless of gear imo is alot more taxing then full range raw stuff. It is alot more traumatic on the body for geared powerlifters than raw lifters and as such require more recovery time.

This is why the westside template is brilliant.

Even though I am ****ed after Oly training with full atg squats the hardest squat of my life was 528 in IPF gear, unracking that weight was terrifying alone and the impact on my body was much larger then any heavy raw work. That is 1 ply with a 115ish gain. Could you imagine putting over 300+ of your raw on your back.... **** geared lifters are insane.

SO westside with this in mind is geared for 2 maximal days, so maybe it isnt the best most effiecient system for the raw lifter ( I am talking training days and split) were as higher frequncy programs are better wich seems to be the trend with Oly lifters, raw lifters, and some IPF guys. Without this super high loading raw lifters can up the frequency.

With the right conditioning build up and cycle, programs like the Sheiko and Smolov are much more efficient for raw lifters because raw lifting imo is easier to recover from then puttign such insane weights on your body.