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Thread: Sprinter/Longdistance = lifting technique??

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    Sprinter/Longdistance = lifting technique??

    My body reacts the best to short intense workouts....3 exercises per muscle group at 2x6-8. I'm also a sprinter meaning i have fast twitch muscle fibers and was curious to see if this is related.... Is it better for long distance runners lift more reps at a lower weight...If you fall under the category of slow twitch muscle fibers does this apply to your whole body?

    Just thinkin about this the other day...wanted to hear everyone's imput.

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    I think Yes. Your body is trained for immediate bursts of power, i think it can be reasonable to say the long distance runner can shell out more reps on a lighter weight than you (or me) but you can probably lift at a more intense rate than the long distance runner albeit a shorter amount of time. That is not to say that a person can not attain both levels of physical fitness, so to speak, through GPP training such as crossfit or a combination of sprinting, long distance running and lifting both intensely and for endurance.
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    I think he's asking if long distance runners would get better results (bodybuilding-wise) from low weight / high reps... someone (a sports med doc I know) tried to tell me that once, but it doesn't make any sense to me so w/e
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