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Thread: Pre-made routine

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    Pre-made routine

    Are there any pre-made routines for crossfit training? I am currently lifting and doing the wbb1.1 but need to do crosstraining for soccer so I dont just bulk up and lose speed or agility.

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    I checked that place out and I found a ton of exercises but could not find any routines where the exercises were already thrown together for you. Am I blind?

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    click the calande on the right side of the page

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    What is your email address? I can send you a list of them that is like 50 pages long that someone on their forums sent to me a while back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveW View Post
    I checked that place out and I found a ton of exercises but could not find any routines where the exercises were already thrown together for you. Am I blind?
    Kind of! The main page of the site shows the Workout of the Day - a lot of people simply log on and do whatever today's workout is. If you do a thorough warm-up, then attack the WOD at full-pelt, you'll get plenty of conditioning work.

    Bear in mind that a large part of Crossfit is randomness - its basic premise is "intense functional effort performed in as many different combinations as possible". You won't ever find a routine that says "on Monday do this workout, on Wednesday do this other one, on Friday do this one, and repeat each week" - that's not the point at all. You should be doing a massive variety of workouts which only repeat sparsely.

    If you're concerned that some of the workouts posted on the main site will interfere with your lifting or football training (I'm English, so it's football to me, not soccer!) - e.g. you already lift 4 times per week so you don't want a Crossfit workout of max effort deadlifts - you could simply look through the past few months' workouts, pick out the ones which emphasise the areas you need to work on, and randomly choose some of those to do. If you look near the bottom of the right-hand column on the main page, there are a couple of dropdowns so that you can see the old archived workouts; there are about 4 years' worth, so plenty of choice!!

    I'm currently doing a Starting Strength program (lifting 3 times per week), and I run a fair bit anyway, but I like Crossfit and want to use some of their workouts. So I've gone through and chosen about 40 workouts that focus on metabolic conditioning rather than pure strength or endurance. I've put them onto cards (I just cut some sheets of A4 card into 4 equal pieces), and twice a week I choose a card at random and do the workout. What I'm doing isn't truly Crossfit because it's not as random as it should be (my week has a structure of weight training, running and metcon, rather than just a load of workouts that can be anything), but I think it gets a lot of the benefits while I'm focusing on SS as my main activity. My 40 cards will mean that even if I carried on like this for a year, I'd probably only repeat each workout 2 or 3 times; and in reality I'll probably change my approach after a few months on SS anyway.

    Hope that helps!

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