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    1st meet videos and report

    had my first meet today. it was the SPF TN state powerlifting meet. weighed in at 325 (which is pretty light for me nowadays.)i did single ply squat only. the first 2 videos are pretty fuzzy, but the last one is okay looking. i opened with 2 red lights. some of my partners told me to come up, so i came up. turns out i was an inch from parallel. second attempt was 475, smoke show. last attempt was 500. i came pretty close to hitting depth on this. the only reason i didn't hit depth is because i got a really tight knee wrap job from a guy that used to train at westside. it suprised me how much harder that made it to hit depth. i did my first 2 attempt without them. i think if i didn't use them i would have hit it. i was down in the hole for awhile and had to exhale because i was about to pass out. as you can see, i didn't have any trouble getting it up after that. no help from spotters. i got first place in the teenage SHW's, because i was the only one, haha. overall, i got one good lift in. did a pretty good job of keeping my back straight and staying tight. i think with some more hip work and adding my viking briefs in the mix i'll have a respectable squat. i'm going to do a WABDL full meet before i turn 20 in july. saw some great lifts, and had a great time. i'm wearing my atlarge shirt, but you can't really tell. thanks for all your support and coaching guys. i'll only go up from here.



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