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Thread: "7th Heaven" stupid show....

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    I just saw an episode of this where they bashed ephedrine non stop. I know this isn't the best stuff for your body but I thought they did a very bad job of creating awareness of it. They basically said you will die from it and one of the characters had a major heart attack while taking it. They should of mentioned the difference between it and ephedra.

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    y were u watching that show in the first place? the french bash creatine, and it's not like bb do not know facts from "goodwill episodes." lemme guess, did they have one of those phone #'s u can contact at the end of that episode (if u have a problem w/ addiction or sth, i dunno) too?
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    Could be part of a little known deal between network TV and the Federal govt.

    In order to broadcast, TV networks are required to run a certain amount of 'public service' commercials. They do not get ad revenue for those. The government will reduce the amount of minutes they have to run these free spots if the networks will put 'approved' messages or themes in their programming (thus allowing the networks to sell the time instead of running the public service ads). The network actually sends the scripts to the government for approval.

    ER is the biggest show that does this (and was actually in the news about it a year or two ago).

    I suppose what you saw could have been an instance of this (we never know when it happens)

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    Thats hilarious!
    And you just reminded me I forgot to take my ECA! Doh!

    That show is...well.....never mind.
    From the perspective of a person who wants to be and is studying to be both a filmmaker and an FBI agent, I'd say just to stay the hell away from that show.

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    The chick on that show is pretty hot though!
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